A new way to understand Data

The correct understanding of data has always been a major driver of innovation and business excellence.

Most businesses continuously collect data, write reports and try their best to keep up with the increasing volume of data , which keeps personnel very busy. While people can be asked to read and interpret data, they are limited by available time and reading speed.

Computers on the other hand can read and interpret large amounts of data very fast and more reliable than humans. Computers can and even find new patterns in the data which before required a dedicated data scientist or consultant. That is why Hoteligent is working through mountains of data to bring you the relevant results in beautiful graphs and plain english.

IBM – Technology Partner

As a Global Partner of IBM, Hoteligent utilizes the newest analytics tool of the current leader in Business Intelligence.

Semantic analysis and predictive modelling are directly powered by IBM technology  an all future innovations are brought to Hoteligent customers when they become available (e.g. IBM Watson, the supercomputer which beat the best human competitors in Jeopardy)

Thus, with the help of predictive analytics you can: