New Media Marketing

Content marketing is the most reliable method for generating organic website traffic. However, identifying the right ad words to attract your most valued customer segments is very difficult. Hoteligent solves this problem with the SEO Keyword Finder.

First, your guests’ social profiles are analyzed to generate word clouds, containing the words that are most likely to be searched for online.

Second, keywords are rated based on Google Ad Words data, their monthly search volume and competition.

Third, keywords with the best price/impact ratio can immediately be used to generate content for your website. With an increase in organic traffic, a hotel’s dependence on Online Booking Engines decreases and the segment which the Hotel is aiming for becomes more likely to find the Hotel online.

Lasting Connections

Your relationship with guests is determined by your ability to communicate with them. Online communication has become more important over the years but online booking agencies often keep contact details behind closed doors. Thus, its often impossible to stay in touch with your guests even if you want to invite them to special events in your city which may interest them.

Hoteligent therefore asks guests to share their contact details with you. Additionally the software automatically determines the most interesting experiences for specific guests and guest groups, based on their own preferences. Enabling you to stay in touch with information guests find most useful.

Inviting guests to highly relevant events in the future is a powerful and new way of so called database marketing and ensures that a lasting relationship between you and your guests can be developed.