How was your day today? The impact of On-Site Customer Surveys

In our busy digital world, it’s important to remain client-focussed. That’s why many businesses in the hotel sector are taking their on-site customer surveys to the digital world. By driving your on-site customer survey process with online, mobile tools, it’s easy to gain useful insight about the hotel guest experience in real time. Which means that you and your staff can zero in on the guest experience like never before. From the ease and convenience of a smart phone interface, your guests can give your staff up-to-the-moment information about their stay. By measuring the customer experience with short and easy-to-answer questions at every step during a guest’s stay, you can provide your staff with real-time feedback tracking. This enables them to respond quickly to comments on everything from the quality of your Wifi signal to the fluffiness of pillows. This quick response time will have a positive impact on satisfaction ratings, and on revenue.

Not only do on-site digital customer surveys help you to provide accurate, custom experiences for a wide variety of guests, the Big Data and predictive analytics gleaned from these surveys become indispensable tools for your business. By leveraging our tools to guide your customer information collection, your business is gaining valuable data about your guests and the experiences that can help them to remain loyal to your brand. Online reputation management, a key tool for brand loyalty, is also facilitated when your business uses well-engineered digital on-site surveys. Preferred clients can be easily identified using key indicators in our data sets. By inviting preferred clients to share their experiences in online reviews, you can turn them into powerful online ambassadors. Our applications will help your business to drive smart and manageable growth. This bold new world of hotel management is just a click away.

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Dr. Jonathan Mall

Computational psychologist, semantic analysis and Big-Data enthusiast. Accumulating and interpreting data to help businesses make better decisions based on hard evidence.

Dr. Jonathan MallHow was your day today? The impact of On-Site Customer Surveys

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